King’s Christian College

From the outset, the College wanted a building that spearheaded a new image that reflects their versatile, innovative learning programs.

It did however, need to complement existing architecture – not disengage from it. To align the building with its surrounding context, the contemporary use of the existing material palette flows seamlessly with the introduced sharp angles and bright colours.

The freeform design approach emulates a courtyard like typology, where the external space acts as a spill-out of the internal spaces bringing light, colour, volume and enjoyment to the learning areas within. This central breakout area cleverly connects all spaces into one dynamic, versatile, child-specific zone.

The interiors emulate the children’s picture book by Eric Carl, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, with each classroom colour depicting a food eaten by the caterpillar. Porthole ‘caterpillar bite’ windows visually connect teaching areas, adding to the overall experience of joyful learning.