CoSpaces Southport GC

45 Nerang St, Southport is a project with significant and tangible urban importance. As one of the oldest remaining buildings on the Gold Coast, the original Ambulance Station had been modified over time to hide its important historic fa├žade.

As part of our commission, we undertook extensive historical research and drew on our experience to recreate the original envelope of the building through historical detailing and building methods.
At the rear of the building sits a modern addition, which along with the traditional building, houses
Co Spaces.

This workspace is a flexible, dynamic environment, offering companies (both big and small) the opportunity to rent office space of varying sizes. Unique collaboration spaces, meeting rooms and an awarded coffee shop also contributes to the space, creating a flexible and dynamic environment that fosters creativity and embraces the history of the building. 45 Nerang St has become a landmark project in the Gold Coast CBD, having received multiple urban design awards.