Coomera Anglican College

The POD delivers a high-quality experience to accommodate aspirations for learning, discovery and engagement.

In a changing world driven by innovation, it is important for Coomera Anglican College to continue with a growth mindset in order to challenge learning processes for the benefit of the College community.

As the new entry statement for the Junior School, The POD remains true to the distinct and unique architectural aesthetic of the existing campus, while utilising contemporary and progressive architectural principles, construction methods and materials to promote and enhance educational facilities for the benefit of the students, staff and community.

Focused around a central hearth learning environment, a diverse range of spaces individual and collaborative, internal and external branch out to support and accommodate inquisitive young minds. While there is an emphasis on light, transparency and connection, students still have opportunities to retreat into seclusion to read or escape to the deepest parts of the galaxy within the immersive 360-degree video projected amphitheatre.