03 Feb

New Prep Centre for King’s Christian College

Article by Burling Brown

King’s Christian College, Reedy Creek commissioned Burling Brown Architects to design a building that represented a new image for the College (positioned at the front end of the campus) to showcase their versatile and innovative learning programs but which still had a connection to its existing architecture.

Burling Brown aligned the building with its surrounding environment by applying the existing materials palette in a contemporary way and ensuring it flowed seamlessly with new sharp angles and bright colours.

The external space was created to act as a spill out of the internal spaces bringing light, colour, volume and enjoyment to the learning areas within. This was achieved by designing a building that emulated a courtyard-like typology with a central breakout area that connects all spaces into one malleable, versatile child-specific area.

Interiors were designed to reflect the children’s picture book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carl. Each classroom colour depicts a food eaten by the Caterpillar and porthole windows were used to visually connect the learning areas within, whilst also building on the overall joyful experience.

The innovative new Prep Centre opened last month. More visuals of the completed project can be viewed on Burling Brown’s social media pages.