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Design Ethos

Design is capturing the essence of the client, blending beauty, innovation, performance and sustainability.

Burling Brown Architects understand that every project is unique, having its own constraints and opportunities. Our customer-focused ethos ensures our clients experience is always bespoke, applying a comprehensive knowledge that is unparalleled in our market.

Burling Brown has been planning, designing and managing architectural projects since 1972. Founded by Ron Burling and Darrell Brown, the practice subscribes to a non-conformist spirit, innovative design and fortified with a steadfast creative passion.

We work at all scales and across all sectors, transforming corporate, cultural, government and other spaces to work in unison with their surroundings – on time and on budget.

Our loyal following of clients continue to commission our services time and time again because we understand the impact of financial, space restrictions and have a deep understanding of each environment.


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